1st Letter


Hi guys,

how are you doing? I sincerely hope you are not giving HIS MAJESTY any cause of sending you my way now.
Am writing you this piece to inform you to stay put & also to inform you that daddy is really working hard to make this country a better place before your arrival & also to let you know that daddy have gotten you the best mum in the world.

Why are you smiling now?

You guys have the same smile with your mom you know.
I know you want me to tell you about your mum.
Mom is not the most beautiful lady in the world bcos daddy won’t like to lie to you but believe me she is the most beautiful lady inside that have a heart as pure as water.
I don’t understand why people say she is secretive (Peole & dia opinion) but come to me she opens her heart so that you can see the pureness of her heart & that is why I can’t help it from day one.
Am not suppose to tell you this but I will for the sake of love, anytime you offend your momma just fry plantain & kneel down when she arrives & tell her you are sorry & she will forgive you, don’t tell her I told you that it is an aside.

She is like a peacock amongst others & her eyes is like Eagle with great foresight.
One of my very good friend said she is not romantic but I tell you that in her unromantic nature you will write a true love story for I can keep looking @ her for 24hrs.
She is also working very hard for our sake so as to be the best mother in the world for you guys.

I can keep writing to you about her but seeing is believing so people say.
Please tell our heavenly father that I have seen the woman for you guys to give us HIS blessings to be together & also to bless your parents to~be according to HIS riches & pls when you get to earth please be of good heart to mum & dad like you’ve been up there.

Grandparents send their greetings. Let’s I forget through this piece I have been able to see a better acronym for mom. My T.O.Y.

I will write you soon.

Love from Daddy to Be.

Love You Guys…